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What are Affiliate links?
Affiliate links are web hyperlinks to paid services such as accommodation, flights and car rental to name a few, that will generate a small commission for the site displaying the links, if the clicker makes a purchase or booking through the link. There is no extra cost to you and is a good way to help support this blog at no extra cost to you.

What’s the catch?
There is no catch. If you make a booking through my affiliate links (and do not cancel), you can go on your holiday that has been pre-tested by me, with no extra cost to you, while helping support this blog.

The affiliate links are there for you to use and you are completely free to choose whichever booking service you like. I do not write favourable reviews for any destination or hotel in order to gain benefits (financial or otherwise)so you can rest assured that the affiliate links are there to support the blog and not to convince you to make a booking with one hotel over the other. I am not paid to write reviews so any opinions within a review/blog post are my honest personal opinions as a result of my experiences and not because I was paid to write it. Further, I only write about things I have used/experienced.

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