Month: January 2017

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Chinese New Year Lanterns 2017 in Sydney, Australia

Chinese New year is the biggest annual celebration in China, where millions of people make the trip back to their hometown to spend the new year with their families. In China, this is usually celebrated with large family banquets, followed by chatting and gathering together to watch the evening gala show, and fireworks and firecrackers […]

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Guide to long distance Trains in China

In China, ‘trains’ refer to long distance high speed trains that go between cities and provinces. You must buy tickets before travel and ID is needed, and the local transportation cards are not accepted. Being a major transport hub, security checks are in place. Cigarette lighters are confiscated and people are checked for explosives. The […]

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China Shanghai Travel

Shanghai Museum, Shanghai, China

Shanghai Museum in Shanghai, China, is an ancient Chinese art museum in the middle of a modern city. Perhaps the exterior gives you an idea of what lies inside. The grand stone and concrete museum is guarded by several large sculptures of Chinese-style creatures in a moat-slash-water feature. With lights pointed at these snow-white sculptures, they […]

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China Travel

Tian Zi Fang, Shanghai

Some people aren’t fans of old architecture/laneways re-purposed into commercial spaces, but re-purposing them prevents them from being torn down and built into something that will be used the same way anyway. These places are different to historic attractions like Wuzhen, these areas are essentially shops. If you enjoy shopping and old laneways, and are in […]

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Night time at The Bund, Shanghai, China

You can now buy prints of my photos! More coming, stay tuned! Click here to view and buy my prints! Free postage within Australia! The Bund, or Wai Tan 外滩 literally meaning “Outside beach”, is the entire promenade along the Huang Pu River opposite the iconic Shanghai skyline that consists of the Oriental Pearl Tower and […]

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