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The Drava River in Austria at night as it curves around the street. A bridge is in the far distance, on the left are snow covered branches, on the right are buildings along the street and purple lights that line the street.


A bird's eye view of the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia in winter, showing many small water falls, pools and a snow covered boardwalk that wraps around the small waterfalls.



A worm's eye view of the magnificent, white Brandenburger Tor columns in Berlin against a blue cloudless summer sky.


A worm's eye view of the roof line of the yellow Cube houses in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, with a star shaped gap in the middle showing a light blue sky with wispy white clouds


A tourist stands with his back to the camera on the right side of frame facing a vertical, curved wall covered in orange tiles and a white pointy roof behind it on a summer's day. A small portion of the blue sky is in the top right corner.