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I am a pragmatic person who is a qualified scientist, and I love to travel. My goal is to educate people about places around the world by writing about my personal travel experiences.

As a pragmatic person, my articles are detailed, informative, and factual based on personal experience and research. This means, unlike travel agents, I can actually tell you what a destination is like because I have been there personally. And if I haven’t, I research the destination so provide accurate information.

I have experience travelling mostly solo but also with friends to over 50 cities across 13 countries, arranging all the logistics myself, booking flights, trains, accommodation and activities. Countries I have been to include New Zealand, China, Singapore, Germany, Italy, and Spain, to name a few.

My mission with this website is to create a reliable resource to educate travellers with practical and useful information, and to provide advice and travel itinerary planning and booking services. In the near future I hope to introduce tours. I like authentic travel where you get to meet locals or experience the place in a less superficial way. This means tours that are not simply packed buses that drop people off at touristy places and then take them back to their hotel.

Being Chinese born and raised in the USA and Australia, I speak fluent Mandarin and English.

I have exciting things planned for China, and although none can be released yet, you can sign up to my newsletters to hear the news when it is ready to be released.

I am also a keen photographer, and many photos featured on my site were taken by me. You can purchase prints of my photos on my photography site here.

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