Sydney’s Noodle Markets at Hyde Park 2016

Sydney’s Noodle Markets at Hyde Park 2016

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October is Good Food Month in Australia’s capital cities. Sydney’s noodle markets is on again at Hyde Park, 30+ stall holders selling Asian food, from Chinese to Indian to Thai. Don’t be fooled by the name, there is a great variety of food to choose from apart from noodles, and lots of seating outdoors in the park under the trees. There are rice, steamed buns, fried buns, xiao long bao, pad thai, roti, curries, waffles, sago pudding… Also available are alcoholic bars (No glass), ice cream, dessert and live entertainment. Grab some friends or go alone, but if you are in Sydney be sure to stop by and try the food! Come with friends and be able to try a bit of everything! Sharing is part of the fun! The markets are on until October the 23rd in 2016. See their hours here, and their menu here (opens new tab). The stalls are run by established restaurants so don’t expect the food to be super cheap, but there are some reasonably priced items.



Expect long lines, especially on weekdays as the local workers head to the Noodle Markets for dinner after work.DSC09054

Know before you go:
Bags will be checked, no BYO glass or alcohol is allowed at the venue. The venue is cashless so bring your EFTPOS/Debit/Credit card or get a card onsite to load with money. Best train station to get out of is St James Station and head out the tunnel towards Elizabeth Street. There are portable toilet cubicles on site.


Be sure to walk around and visit all the stalls before you buy to get the best deal as many stalls sell the same thing but at different prices!

It’s outdoors, so be prepared to have lots of seeds from the trees blowing into your hair!

Here is a selection of food I tried when I visited on Sunday.


Peking Duck Potato Waffle with Hoisin Sauce, a little Spicy – $15 (From One Tea Lounge on the further end of the venue from St James station, other stalls sell Peking Duck Fries with fries instead of potato waffles). A few days later on the 12th, the price rose to $16 per serve.


Chicken Pad See Ew without Chili – $15. Chicken was bit dry but my sister loved it for some reason. (bought at the stalls on the further end of the venue from St James station, other stalls, saw Thai Riffic selling it for $12.50 later, near the entry to the venue on the right hand side after you enter).


Crackling Pork Bao, near the entry to the venue. $6 for 1 or $15 for 3. Mr Bao has Pork, Chicken Karage and Tofu, but slightly pricier at $8 for 1 and $20 for 3.


Lychee Waffle stick with sugar syrup and Strawberries. $10 for the lychee waffle + $2 extra for the strawberries.


Raindrop cake, $8 with strawberry sauce and crushed nuts. This one I highly do NOT recommend, I’d discourage you from getting it. It is literally water jelly (water and agar/gelatin) and the strawberry sauce tasted very, very artificial, like medicine or cough syrup, plus the line was huge (stretched half way across the grass) and is pretty expensive for what it is. Not sure why it is even called ‘cake’. Don’t do it. DON’T.

There are vegetarian options available, including:

-Mr Bao’s Tofu Bao

-Din Tai Fung’s vegetarian wontons $6

-Mama Made’s dry vermicelli bowls can probably be made with vege only

I’m sure there are plenty more vegetarian options, but these are just some I discovered walking around.

So where do you eat after you get your food?

Well, if you are a holder of a Citi Bank’s bank card, you get access to their VIP seating area with their own exclusive bar! Show your card to their staff for access, while seats last!


And if you’re not, well you’ll just have to camp outside like the commoners.


There is a good variety of seating, from tables and chairs to benches, and cube blocks.


Live entertainment on stageDSC08978

“Fast Ed” from Channel 7’s long running and popular tv show, Better Homes and Gardens.


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